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"Wall of Sound" reviews and comments

Country Music And More, Internet magazine, made it Brit CD of the month for March

"To those who shout 'Keep it country' this album will have you shouting 'Keep the music coming, New Frontier'... Wall of Sound is original country music of the highest quality."

Pathfinder, UK country magazine, says:

"their fast growing fan base ... will surely grow bigger with the release of this album."

"What a great CD ... Real pure country ... I only have four CDs in my car, now I¹m going to have five"

Cross Country, UK country magazine, says:

"A very good British album" and "winning combination that is going places in country music."

Jean Berry, north west country reporter, says:

"The words from each track tell stories and express deep feelings and I am sure that if they had been put together from the 'old' famous writers of country music, the most avid country fans would have accepted this album with open arms."

Southern Country, UK country magazine, says:

"A well presented and performed production" and "this band would make a breath of fresh air on the festival scene."

Songs from the CD have been featured on the following radio shows:

  • Kenny Johnson¹s Sounds Country - BBC Radio Merseyside
  • The BIlly Butler Show - BBC Radio Merseyside
  • Rodeo Norfolk country show - BBC Radio Norfolk
    • "We are so impressed with this new album ... it is being played this Saturday on our country show"
  • Phil Roberts Country - Dune FM
    • "Ronny ... has been doing great things on the country music scene in Britain. He has a real country voice. You¹d think he was American if you didn¹t know better."
  • BBC Radio Kent
  • Ken Birkinshaw - FM Radio The Burn
    • "A first class product ... something to be proud of¹
  • Internet radio, Chicago, USA