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Wall of Sound
Ronny J Morson and New Frontier

15 original country songs, featuring tracks from the promotional single
This town's Tears
There's a Fool Born Every Day
as well as 'Wall of Sound', 'Thunder Road', 'I Don't Miss You Anymore' and 'When you call'.


Crossing the Cumberland on J Bird Records (2001)
by New Frontier and other artists

Goodbye to Yesterday
Love Is Not An Easy Road
Whispering my Name
Someone else to hold me
Black day in my heart
Listen to the beating of my heart



Tribute to a Great American Poet Merle Haggard
by Ronny J Morson

Take a lot of pride of what I am
A working man can get nowhere today
Movin' on
Things aren't funny anymore
Kentucky gambler
Momma tried
Ramblin' fever
Momma's hungry eyes
Twinkle Twinkle lucky star
Silver wings
Everybody's had the blues
That's the way love goes
My favourite memory of all



Also from New Frontier


Goodbye to Yesterday (2000)
By New Frontier
Featuring Julie Hall and Gary Westhead on vocals

I'm not the same without you
Love is not an easy road
Black day in my heart
Someone else to hold me
Loser in love
Listen to the beating of my heart
Goodbye to yesterday
I only wish you knew
Whispering my name
Love has a will of its own
Forever in my heart
Why does it hurt so bad



Bitter Moon (2002)
By New Frontier
Featuring vocals by Julie Hall

Is this love?
Let me be the one
One last chance
Little pieces of my heart
Bitter moon
Magic whenever we were near?
Bitter moon acoustic version