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I started listening to country music at the age of 6. Dad would often pick up country albums from the US while away at sea and bring them home for me. Then he would tape me singing my favourite songs on an old reel to reel. He made sure I was brought up on the 'Giants' of country - Hank Snr, Jimmy Rodgers, Lefty Frizzel!

I have to say that the turning point in my life (and my singing) came when I first heard Merle Haggard. He has been a massive influence on my career ever since. As I moved into my teenage years I gained my education as a country singer by performing in small bars and clubs in the North West ('paying my dues' as they say).

By the 1980s I had turned my attention to the 'New Traditionalists' of country music. Three country musicians and singers influenced the direction I decided to take in my songs and live shows - Randy Travis, Alan Jackson and George Strait. These artists in particular have taught me what real country is, what it should feel like and what it should sound like.

After all these years the only real music I have sang and listened to is country music. So where to go and what to do with this? I continue to play the country music circuit in the UK. A showcase at Fort San Antone, Great Birchwood Country Park, Lytham in 2002 led to an offer of a record contract with TBS Enterprises in Branson, Missouri from no less a man than Elvis's old drummer!

And a chance response to an advert in 'Country Music International' led to a link up with Dave Gray and Billy Frank aka New Frontier. I feel this is a turning point in my career. It's a joy to be working with such talented musicians (thanks Ronny - Dave and Billy). We are currently writing songs for a new CD - Wall of Sound - to be released in 2002. Also watch this site for further info.

Ronny J Morson May 2003